The fundamentals of a successful project include the management and control of Scope, Cost, Time, and Risk. Utilizing BIM 3D, 4D and 5D technologies we manage these variables from "Virtual" Construction through Physical Construction. Call us today for information on our comprehensive 3D modeling and BIM services.

Cost Management
Feasibility studies, budgets, estimating, value engineering, change orders, project accounting and earned value analysis - We are the financial consultants of the construction industry, trained and experienced in providing this information.

Time Management
The schedule is an important component of the project management process. Using MS Project we create and monitor the project schedule from beginning to completion, keeping your project on track at all times.

Risk Management
There are many inherent risks associated with Capital Projects. We identify these risks on a project specific basis, and formulate strategies to eliminate or manage the risk.

Project Management
Cost, schedule, scope and risk can all be managed separately. However, these issues are inter-related and a change in scope for instance will often affect cost, schedule and risk. We understand the relationships between Scope, Cost, Time & Risk, and can measure the trade-offs and affects associated with changes in any one of these constraints.